None Like Synexis

When it comes to indoor air quality, Synexis has the leading technology. No matter the size or type of facility, or the constraints of the room, the Synexis BioDefense System can be built to fit your needs.

We bring the advantage

Everyone wants to exist in a comfortable and clean space, but life is messy. Synexis technology lets you live your day-to-day, with full confidence that Synexis has you covered—in the air and on surfaces.

The Synexis Difference1

The Synexis Difference ChartThe Synexis Difference ChartThe Synexis Difference ChartThe Synexis Difference ChartThe Synexis Difference Chart

Meet our
battle-tested troops

The Blade

Out of sight. Out of mind. Out with the microbes. The Blade fits in-line with your existing HVAC ductwork, without affecting the system. It is capable of being installed in any size duct using adapters.

Synexis Sphere

The Sphere

It’s adaptable, tactical, and can blend in anywhere. Since it only needs a standard 120VAC/220VAC outlet, the Sphere can sit or be mounted wherever you need it most.

Synexis Sentry

The Sentry

With a rugged steel design, the Sentry is designed for industrial facilities with HVAC systems that are either inaccessible or nonexistent—but still only needs a standard 120VAC/220VAC outlet to get to work.


A BioDefense System built just for your battle

Whether you want to meet us virtually or invite us into the field, our 3-Step On-Site Assessment will ensure you get everything you need for a more microbe-free environment.
Step 1: Assess
First, a head-to-toe examination of your space will help us identify if it’s microbes, mold, or another menace causing problems. We’ll discuss your current cleaning practices, spot problem areas, and determine the solution that ensures Synexis gives you the best results.
Step 2: Install
Getting Synexis technology up and ready to rumble requires only basic mechanical and electrical resources. We’ll discuss the best approach for installation—and with our comprehensive installation guides, the time spent will be minimal no matter the size of the facility.
Step 3: Transform
With patented methods, Synexis is proven to transform the microbial-scape of an environment. After the switch is flipped, we use environmental sampling to examine both air and surfaces across your facilities to ensure you’re getting powerful results.
Intrigued? Let’s talk.
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Reference: 1. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2019, October 30). CDC – NIOSH Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards – hydrogen peroxide. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved November 11, 2021, from
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